Unintended Consequences

…”In short, the intended consequences of Unintended Consequences are to confirm Bruun’s evolving talents as a composer and arranger as well as a drummer.”


Listen (and watch stuff!) to the Album: HERE

BUY Handwritten Vinyl: HERE

The Album is part of the ILK “White Lable Series”

THE WLS is a new uncompromising series of LPs released on ILK. The label on the vinyl is white/blank as a consequence of simplifying the process of production.

All the packaging in WLS is pre-made so the only focus for the artist is to create and record his or her works. To relieve the artist of any focus but the creative focus WLS includes a dogmatic presentation of each release as a part of the piece of art, rather than a practical necessity of releasing and advertising the music.

This online platform is designed to elaborately unfold the music and the artist’s process of creation. The dogmatic presentation of each WLS-release challenges the artist to examine his or her own works. Through interview, artist track-comments, video-material and blind-review, the listener is invited one step deeper into the music.

WhiteLabelSeries WEB: HERE


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