Peter Bruun

Peter pic

b.1979, Copenhagen Denmark

Peter started playing drums at the Rythmic Childrens School in Vesterbro in Copenhagen at the age of three.

This became a life-long immersion into drums, music and composition.

Peters mother and father are both music lovers and in his childhood home there were always instruments and people to play them.

He was admitted to the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, at the age of eighteen. After 3 years he discontinued his formal education to travel in India and Brasil and continue his study on his own.

Peter is an active member of ILK (Independent Lable of København). ILK is a danish collective of musicians who releases music with absolute artistic freedom. ILK

Peter is a founding member of the band Eggs Laid By Tigers who released their first Album “Under The Mile Off Moon” in 2012.

Peter’s most resent release is called Unintended Consequences and explores the borders between composition, instant composing and improvisation.

Own Releases:

Eggs Laid By Tigers – Under The Mile Off Moon, ILK 2012

Buffalo Age – Buffalo Age, 2007

WBZ – Prima Ballerina, 2006

Radar – Radar, 2004

co. Releases:

Jacob Anderskov – Strings, Percussion and Piano, 2013

Mark Solborg Trio – The Threes, 2013

Django Bates Trio Belovèd – Confirmation, 2012

Marc Ducret Quintet ”Real Thing #1”, 2011

Simon Tolddam ”STORK”, 2011

Richard Andersen ”UDU”, 2011

Django Bates trio . “Belovèd Bird”, 2010

Spring ”Slides” , 2010

ContraBande – “Slipery Lumbs”, 2010

Mold – “Voodo downjump”, 2009

Spring ”Spring” , 2008

Trio Jox/Johan Segerberg -“Evolution”, 2008

August Engkilde: “Surface Constuctors” , 2008

Thomas Agergaard: “Time Span Band”, 2008

Contrabande, (rude awakening), 2006

Sara Sørensen Trio, 2006

Jacob Buchanon sextet feat. Chris Speed, 2005

Mold – Rotten in Rødby, ILK (www.ilkmusic.com) 2005

Edge of Darknes (Taylors Universe) 2001


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