J o n a s   W e s t e r g a a r d   &   P e t e r   B r u u n :   M u s i c

D y l a n   T h o m a s :   T e x t

Music: Eggs Laid By Tigers

Words: Dylan Thomas

Vocal and guitar: Martin Ullitsdahl

Piano: Simon Toldam

Video: Therese Willstedt

Starring: Siv Gulliksson

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All About Jazz writes:

“Going for a completely unknown group, Eggs Laid By Tigers, only drummer Peter Bruun and pianist Simon Toldam were familiar. With plans to meet both of them in the next couple of days, it was a good reason to watch and listen incognito. Bruun and Toldam are involved in a variety of groups. Bruun is a member of Django Bates Beloved Trio, and also plays in a trio with Samuel Blaser and Marc Ducret. Toldam is the pianist in Han Bennink’s trio. But what about Eggs Laid ByTigers? The announcements hinted at something special—extraordinary, even—whatever that mightbe.

It came as a total surprise when the group started: three guitarists sang heartfelt songs in colorfuland vital close harmony. It felt as if Levon Helm was suddenly back on earth or … but wait, these guys clearly were songsmiths of their own. What they gave were songs comprising a basic musical feeling expressed straight but in a sophisticated way—songs evoking happy moments of memory, facing the future wide awake and dream-facing. That kind of quality of pure joy. Brunn sang andplayed acoustic guitar from behind his drum kit; Toldam played on old Phillips organ from the ’60s.

The bass guitarist sang the lead in close unison with electric guitarist Martin Ullits Dahl. The group’s excellent lead singer ultimately turned out to be Berlin-based jazz bassist Jonas Westergaard. A really surprising, seizing metamorphosis.

Eggs Laid By Tigers? The image originates from Dylan Thomas (1914-1953). The group’s songs were based on texts by the author of the famous play Under Milk Wood—again surprisingly unique…”